Important Tips to Know When Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Sterling silver jewelry is one of the finest pieces of jewelry out there. As the name suggests, it is made of 92.5% pure silver while the other 7.5% of the jewelry piece is made of other metal alloys such as copper and nickel which are the most commonly used materials. These alloys are typically used in the silver jewelry piece in order to strengthen it and make it strong enough for the production of jewelry.  When you are buying silver pendants wholesale for resale, one of the best ways to reap countless benefits and profits is by investing in excellent quality sterling silver which are embellished with an array of gems such as topaz, ruby, emerald, pearls, sapphire, opal, tanzanite or even aquamarine among others.

Sterling silver with these kinds of accessories are quite appealing to many customers because of their shimmering look and beauty. When you add the sterling silver pendants wholesale jewelry to this combination, then you will have something that is very gorgeous, valuable and luxurious.  The best thing about the sterling silver jewelry is that you will get all these admirable qualities in your jewelry pieces at very affordable prices.

One of the many advantages of sterling silver pendants is that they can match almost any kind of color ensemble and even skin tone. They are the kind of jewelry pieces that you can wear comfortably every day without getting tired of them. If you are planning to buy silver pendants wholesale products from Thailand, there are several tips that you can use in order to ensure that you are getting the best quality products in the market:

Verify the authenticity of the jewelry

In Thailand, there are various trade associations that enforce the quality standards of the various silver pendants that you will purchase but you might not always get the legit traders unless you are quite familiar with the market. Ensure that the silver pendant piece is stamped 925 to signify that is a .925 sterling jewelry. Sometimes, it may be stamped “sterling”, “sterling silver” or simply “ster”. Not all genuine sterling silver is stamped which is why it is always important to buy from genuine traders.

Shop personal style

What styles are you looking for when it comes to the sterling silver purchases? If you are retailer, you are of course going to focus on what your customer-base prefers and then deliver that to them. If you have a great taste for fine silver pendants and jewelry, you can also use your unique expertise to choose the best silver pendants for your customers. In this case, you will need to impose a little bit of your personal styles and tastes in choosing the finest silver pendants in the market. Because silver jewelry are so diverse in styles and sizes, it is one of the best pieces of jewelry that you can use to express yourself in a unique way.

Go for the handmade pieces

This is where you can find the finest styles done by independent artisans in Thailand who are renowned for their craftsmanship.  The handmade sterling silver is generally unique one-of-a-kind silver pendants that your customers are bound to love.

Post Author: Gabriella Phillips